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William Crews (singer-songwriter-producer), of Springdale, Maryland where he currently resides 
with his family just outside of Washington, D.C., was born in Henderson, North Carolina and 
grew up in the adjacent area of Warren County, North Carolina. 

He is CEO and founder of the Crews Music International – a regional music production company that specializes in providing solutions through music.

Having evolved over the years as a digital music composer, producer, recording artist, songwriter, arranger, keyboardist, vocalist and social activist, Bill’s continued musical growth has spawn numerous original compositions and collaborations over the years, including:  “I WON’T LET IT GET ME DOWN, “SAFE FOR THE CHILDREN”, “REGISTER AND VOTE”, “IT’S MY TURN” and “WALK TALL” to name a few.  
His extended experience in jazz, R&B, gospel, inspirational, pop, Caribbean and African music & rhythms has fostered a special sensitivity that is reflected in his music and allows him to express our condition, needs and direction from a unique artistic point of view.

A formidable and serious talent destined to make a significant contribution to the art form, enjoy the music and personality of William Crews.